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Greece holidays
Postal Service

If you need to send a letter there are stamp vending machines and post-boxes outside all central post offices. Parcels sent abroad must be inspected, so do not wrap and seal them beforehand. Brown paper, soft padded envelopes and cardboard boxes can be bought at the post offices themselves. Signs denoting post offices are usually bright yellow, as are post-boxes.

Tourism Police

Offers tourists information and help, whenever they have any problems. You can recognize them by the shoulder flash Tourism Police on their uniforms. 171 is an emergency telephone line on a 24 hour basis from all over Greece.

Visiting Churches and Monasteries

You are expected to dress in a respectable manner when visiting churches and monasteries: long trousers for men, sleeved dresses and no miniskirts for women.

For More Information

You can visit Greek National Tourism Organization - G.N.T.O. (EOT in Greek) offices. The G.N.T.O. addresses in Athens are:

Head office
2, Amerikis Street, 105 64 Athens
Tel.: 010 3271300-2, 010 3272000
Working hours: Weekdays 08.00-15.00

Information desk
2, Amerikis Street, 105 64 Athens
Tel.: 010 3310565, 010 3310692

Information Desk at "Eletherios Venizelos" airport (arrivals hall)
Tel.: 010 3530445-448
Working hours: Monday-Sunday: 08.00-22.00


Euro is the currency of Greece since 1 January 2001. Click here for today exchange rate.

Credit Cards

All major Credit Cards are recognized and accepted in most hotels, shops, travel agencies, car rental offices and restaurants. Stickers in the front doors will advise you about the acceptable credit cards. For one thing, Greek ATMs usually allow for only a four-digit password; you must get advice from your bank as to how deal with this if your password has more than four. Also note that the punch keys on the Greek ATMs do not use letters, so you must convert your password to numbers.

TRAVELLER'S CHEQUES issued by all the major companies are widely recognized. You can cash your traveler's cheques in all Greek and foreign banks, exchange bureaus and big hotels. Identification is necessary for the transaction, so do not forget to have your passport with you. For more information please visit: Bank of Greece.

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Greece Travel Tips from Tayftours